ROBERT X BISHOP was often followed by KGB while in the Soviet Union


Selected Non-Classified Projects:

Robert X Bishop’s remarkable career spans a multitude of groundbreaking achievements and influential projects:

  • “Russia, Live From the Inside”: Produced this landmark project, credited with saving the Discovery Channel and expediting the collapse of the Soviet Union. Won the Ace Award for the number one cable show in 1987.
  • Collaboration with Sir Arthur C. Clarke: Partnered to explore revolutionary alternative energy and unique technologies globally, including those from the former Soviet Union.
  • Founder and Managing Director of Belcom, Inc.: Established a major business communications satellite telecom operator in Russia and Central Asia, eventually sold to COMSAT.
  • Consultant for US Park Police: Oversaw major security system implementation to safeguard key landmarks and national treasures in and around Washington D.C.
  • Consulting Engineer for NASA: Contributed to a significant upgrade of fire control and emergency response systems at the Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral, Florida.
  • Law Enforcement and Security Consultant: Provided expertise to several state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the US Marshals Service.
  • Director of Engineering for Satellite Equipment Manufacturer: Directed engineering and technical marketing efforts for US and Asian operations, as well as spearheading R&D and new product development.
  • Contributions to Glasnost-era Projects: Offered technical, diplomatic, and logistical support to various Soviet-American initiatives during the Glasnost period.
  • Development of IP-Based Satellite Overlay Networks Protocol: Played a key role in devising a standardized operating protocol for IP-based satellite overlay networks.
  • Pioneering Work in IoT and Sensor Fusion: Led an R&D team in 1999 to develop the first fully integrated IP-based sensor fusion (IoT) appliance-based platform.
  • Innovation in Satellite Technology: Invented miniaturized microprocessor-based decoders for satellite equipment, and developed advanced maritime satellite tracking and transmission technology.
  • Extensive Work with US Government Agencies: Provided engineering support, satellite tracking systems, and proprietary communications services to entities such as the US Department of State and United States Information Agency.
  • Leadership in Wireless Power Transmission: Conducted extensive research and published peer-reviewed papers in Wireless Power Transmission (WPT), including work in automotive safety enhancement technologies.
  • Co-founder and CTO of Sonisafe Inc.: Led R&D efforts for automotive-centered acoustic-based driver safety enhancement technologies.
  • Science Advisor for WMD Containment Projects: Advised US State Department-supported projects aimed at employing scientists with Weapons of Mass Destruction expertise post-Soviet Union dissolution.

Robert’s multifaceted contributions have left an indelible mark on fields ranging from telecommunications and satellite technology to security and alternative energy.